Quantum is a sole source solutions provider.

  • As experts in the technology, we identify and source the right equipment for your needs.
  • Private company with 35 years of real world experience in material management and creating products for beneficial reuse.
  • Successfully built the most technologically robust merchant digester in the United States.
  • We get it – our partners are nationally renowned retailers and food distributors, no one handles food waste more efficiently than us.

Quantum can help businesses and institutions develop and implement programs to manage their organic waste streams. We work with your team to build workable recycling programs that conform to and even enhance, your business processes. This means that we will work with your haulers or help you find alternative transportation solutions to suit your specific needs.

Design & Engineering

Quantum Biopower recognizes that sustainability goals and infrastructure requirements vary widely among communities. That’s why we deploy uniquely tailored solutions to meet individual community needs.


Quantum can construct your future digester facility, saving you money by avoiding high cost construction firms. One stop shop - Saving construction margin and absorbing those costs into the project.

Operate & Maintain

At Quantum, our goal is to provide the hauling and transporting community with the outlet their customers seek for their organic waste needs. We know our business and you know yours, and as a result, we have established long lasting partnerships with area hauling companies to meet the needs of organic waste generators.

Also, as organic waste transportation grows, as does the need to rely on non-traditional fuels. Our renewable energy systems produce vehicle ready CNG to be used in CNG add-on units, or new CNG engine technology.

Compost & Soil

Our facilities accelerate the composting process, harnessing nutrients that can be turned into fertilizers, soils, and compost, that are safe and proven effective for growing and managing soil nutrients. Read more