The next frontier of recycling is your hometown. Recycling and waste coordinators across the globe are seeking innovative ways to remove organic waste from their landfills in an effort to be more responsible stewards of the environment while saving money.

Municipalities can take proactive measures to remove organic waste items from the waste stream. These measures can significantly reduce the amount of waste that must be sent to a landfill or incinerated, saving money and the environment.

Quantum Biopower recognizes that sustainability goals and infrastructure requirements vary widely among communities. That’s why we deploy uniquely tailored solutions to meet individual community needs.

Quantum is a solutions provider, ready to partner with municipalities on a variety of common issues:


Recycling & Waste Management

Managing recyclable waste streams to divert as much waste as possible from expensive landfills and incinerators. In addition, our organics recycling processes trap unpleasant odors that would otherwise be released into the air, resulting in an improved quality of life for the surrounding community

Renewable Energy

Producing renewable electricity or natural gas to help lessen community reliance on traditional fossil fuel sources, thereby reducing exposure to volatile global energy markets that divert needed resources away from critical municipal services. 

Developing Eco Friendly Communities

Expanding the benefits of recycling by making available valuable, nutrient rich co-products from organic waste processing, such as soil amendments and compost.

Environmental Stewardship

Our organics recycling processes substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions – a significant contributor to climate change - versus composing and land filling organic waste.  Communities can actually manage their waste stream economically while reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used in our processes.