Flexible design with maximum biogas production tailored to meet your needs.


Upfront Waste Decontamination

Food waste takes many forms; our state-of-the-art systems can accept any form of food waste including canned products, produce, and liquid waste streams, and produce cleaned and sorted food waste. 

Natural Digestion Process

We use a sophisticated, multi-stage digestion process to naturally decompose food waste in the absence of oxygen. Our robust design can take all forms of food waste, keeping methane production steady and constant. 

Flexible Energy Options

Everyone’s needs are different. The methane our facilities create can easily be used to make electricity, vehicle fuels, or pipeline gas. 

Reclaiming Nutrients

Leftover materials from the process are harvested to make organic soil amendments and compost blends. These blends naturally augment soil nutrients. 

Full Automation

Automated software remotely monitors facility health and operation keeping performance optimal and streamlined.