Compost & Soil

Enhance your soil naturally and safely while avoiding traditional synthetic fertilizers. Our facilities accelerate the composting process, harnessing nutrients that can be turned into fertilizers, soils, and compost, that are safe and proven effective for growing and managing soil nutrients. Benefits beyond traditional composting include:

  • Our process captures methane emissions that are released during a traditional composting process. Methane is 21 times more polluting that carbon dioxide.
  • Our approach is flexible. We can accept a wider range of food waste streams such as packaged goods, liquid wastes, and lightly contaminated waste streams.

Supreme Forest Products

Quantum, and its sister companies, have over 30 years of material management experience in creating mulch, soil, and compost blends. We currently operate 3 certified volume reduction facilities across the state of Connecticut in West Hartford, Southington and Harwinton. In total, our companies produce oer 300,000 cubic yards of colored mulches, playground safety fibers, bark products, soil blends, and organic based compost.